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At Milestones we help students who struggle with learning to measurably improve their success in school and life by providing programs that integrate educational, scientific, and clinical practices. We believe that the key to helping a child who struggles is to identify his or her learning profile, a map which pinpoints strengths and weaknesses in a child’s learning and development. In developing this learning profile we examine a child’s basic cognitive abilities (i.e. memory, processing, attention, organization) to determine how these skills impact the learning process. Like a tree, a child must have strong roots, foundation skills, in order to develop and grow their academic skills. Once the foundational skills are strengthened we can then begin to develop more effective learning.  Our tranquil, patient, and temperate atmosphere creates an exceptional, social-emotional environment in which students are nurtured, supported and empowered to achieve their goals.


According to the National Institutes of Health, learning disabilities affect one in seven people.